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Alan Parker Urban Warrior

Alan Parker Urban WarriorAlan Parker Urban Warrior, the clueless, Sham 69-obsessed, cod-radical creation of character comedian Simon Munnery, offered the people of Britain ''29 minutes of truth and one minute's silence in memory of the people no-one remembers'' in this 'built' show which mixed urgent propaganda with half-cocked reports on the state of the nation. Alan, a latterday Wolfie Smith, aimed to provoke revolution using a Mockney accent, an assortment of sampled Clash riffs and some spectacular slogans.

Two subsequent series followed in the revised Radio 1 comedy format, each episode being an hour long and interspersed with music tracks played in full (rather than in clip form as foils for jokes, as happened in the first two series). The first of these was entitled simply Alan Parker (though the titles did promise ''59 minutes of truth''), and the second Alan Parker: Roadwarrior. Both, sadly, were sprawling and weak in comparison to the half-hour original. Alan resurfaced as the star of his own BBC2 TV special, entitled London Shouting, while Munnery returned to Radio 1 with his Cluub Zarathustra character, The League Against Tedium. More recently, Alan has been heard on Radio 4's The Now Show.

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