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John Moloney

John Moloney

Now into his second decade as a stand-up comedian, John Moloney considers himself a comedy veteran. He’s certainly got the world-weary deadpan delivery off to a T.

John Maloney’s dry, dispassionate manner belies a rapier wit that produces more laughs in a minute than many manage in a whole set.

As well as the droll one-liners of which he is the master, John Moloney offers a mix of political satire, surreal observations; delightfully childish puns and whimsical re-interpretations of everyday phenomena.

Included in Channel 4's One Hundred Greatest Stand-ups in 2006, he is expected to feature prominently again in this year’s poll.

Winner of the Best Live Performer award for two years running at the London Comedy Festival, John Meloney was nominated for Best Live Stand-Up at the  British Comedy Awards.

One of Britain's most in-demand comedians both at home and away, Stand-up John Meloney is a favourite of The Comedy Club, but can also be seen at other lesser venues and chains but we’ll forgive him for that.

A regular star of the Edinburgh Festival, he enjoyed packed shows and critical acclaim for his 2001 show Moloney Live and was one of the stars of the sell-out FHM Edinburgh & Beyond Tour.

John Moloney is equally popular on the international circuit, but then he has a headstart on many of his fellow comics - he is fluent in German and French and has a working knowledge of Italian, which always impresses the locals.

He is also popular in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, the USA, Germany, Hong Kong, Dubai, Amsterdam, Canda and China.  He was voted Best Of The Festival at the 1999 Sydney International Comedy Festival, despite being very new to the business.

In 2003, comedian John Moloney represented Britain on the Just For laughs National Tour of Canada, performing to 75,000 people in 25 nights, and then enjoyed a triumphant return in 2005. In the same year he was invited to tour the US playing to a host of sold out 1,000 capacity clubs and theatres. He appeared on the Just For Laughs Roadshow in Singapore.

Not afraid of money, John Moloney is also in demand on the corporate circuit as an after-dinner speaker, and enjoys many a repeat booking and buffet from several blue chip clients.

But John Meloney is also happy to share and lends his creative talents as a comic writer. He co-wrote the Olivier Award winning Jack Dee Show in London’s West End and has also provided funny stuff for the likes of Lily Savage, Harry Hill, Joe Pasquale and The Sketch Show.

A talented musician as well as comedian, John Meloney has worked with fellow comical tunesmith Bill Bailey, most notably in the Part Troll show and DVD where he sang the Hokey Cokey in the style of German electronic band Kraftwerk, during the encore.

Elsewhere on TV, he was a regular presenter on Richard and Judy (Channel 4), as well as appearing as a guest on the likes of Des and Mel (ITV), The Wright Stuff (channel 5), They Think It's All Over (BBC1), Have I Got News For You (BBC2), Never Mind The Buzzcocks (BBC2) and The Des O'Connor Show (ITV).


"It is good to know there is still room for a stand-up comedian as gifted and unpretentious as John Moloney" - The Times

“Moloney’s comedy is in defiance of the trend towards sophistication. His technology consists of a microphone and….that’s it. His gags are stripped down and rapid, his delivery is suitably clipped. No fat on this show.” - THE SUNDAY TIMES

“He has the down to earth stage manner of a performer from the pre-alternative era and has perfected the art of delivering punchy routines with barely an ounce of fat. It is good to know that there is still room for a stand-up comedian as gifted and unpretentious as John Moloney.”

“He looks every bit the professional. He is. He treats the audience with compassion, tact and intelligence in a show that has strolling one-liners and relative stories. A natural rapport.”

“Good old fashioned stand up. He is acutely funny at his deadpan and beautifully bitchy best.”

“A blistering sixty minutes on life, love, celebrity, royalty and religion.”

“A powerfully funny act.”
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