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Colin Cole

Colin Cole

To most comedians starting out, being stopped in the street is something they only dream of.

Not so Colin Cole. Standing at 6''7" in his socks, the usually amiable Aussie comic Colin Cole has been being stopped in the street by perfect strangers on an almost daily basis for nearly all of his life, simply so they can tell him he's tall - and it drives him mad.

"Do they think I don't know?" he says, in that inimitable questioning Australian tone.

Not that Colin Cole doesn't delight in his size. Looming over the stage, and built like a whole block of brick outhouses, he begins his act with the firmly tongue-in-cheek question: "Everybody see me all right?", while his anecdotal tales of life as one of the tallest people on the planet provide some of the core material of a top class comedy act that has wowed punters the world over.

Already one of the biggest names in comedy in Australia - and not just because of his height, Colin Cole boasts a dynamic and bombastic performance that uses every inch of the stage. Despite a typical laidback Australian drawl and demeanour, the delivery of his humour is as fast and furious as one of his country's famous cricketing fast bowlers.

Colin Cole’a natural wit and a winningly mocking manner are enhanced by some enviable performance skills honed in his other field as a dramatic and comic actor.

Indeed he should be a familiar face to fans of good and bad (and my word there's plenty of that) Australian TV. A talented and versatile actor, his CV reads like a "guide to television Down Under" and includes hit shows like Hey Hey, the Max Gillies Show and Bingles - no me neither!

Combining sharp one-liners and a mix of material that ranges from the topical to the observational and all points in-between,  with that cuddly, giant Koala persona, Colin Cole has been able to break down barriers around the world and appeal to as wide ranging an audience as it is geographically possible to have.

Having conquered his home nation, Colin is also popular in the US, Canada and Hawaii. Colin Cole was even described somewhat patronisingly by The New York Times as "one of the most exciting performers to come out of Australia since Skippy!"

Now based in the UK, Cole is fast setting about dominating British soil too - starting with our comedy clubs. Well I'm not going to argue with a man that size - are you?


"I strongly believe that Colin Cole is one of the funniest comedians on the circuit, I have shared a stage with the big man and believe me audience's love this huge ,funny, big hearted man with more love then most UK people had for Princess Di". - Mac Star


"He memorised the audience, they only took their eyes off him to laugh" - The Melbourne Age

"He comes over from Australia, and takes the audience on a roller coaster of discovery and hilarity previously unseen in America" -          The Bay Examiner, San Francisco

"Whether it be a gag on a well-worn subject, or something he spotted on the way into town, every punch line was a gem to behold; every joke expertly crafted. This man, you've got to see!" - The Toronto Star

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19th February: The Comedy Club Rotherham Rotherham Colin Cole
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